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The second stage of the program involves the completion of the Candidate Application Worksheet. This worksheet enables you to present a broader, more nuanced picture of who you are than what is allowed in the Self-Certification Worksheet. Each applicant has a unique background of education, life and work experience, family, and perhaps spiritual orientation and practice. We know that you are more than the sum of the classes you have taken and the sessions you have given.

A group of qualified applicants may be contacted by e-mail and invited to submit their Candidate Application Worksheet. When the need for an additional instructor is identified at the annual faculty meeting, the names of qualified applicants will be presented at the meeting. After review by the MBJSJ Institute faculty, its administration and the ICEP administrator, it is possible that no applicant will be invited to become a candidate for the program. In this case, steps may be taken to find additional, qualified applicants.

Based on the information received from the worksheets and assessments made by the faculty and administrators, the ICEP administrator will submit names of applicants recommended as possible candidates to the MBJSJ Institute faculty and its director. Once the final selection(s) is made, the director will inform those selected.

If you are not selected, but are regarded as a viable candidate for future consideration, we will keep the information you submitted on the Self-Certification Worksheet on file unless instructed by you to do otherwise. You should keep your Candidate Application Worksheet updated if you wish to be considered in the future.

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